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If you have decided to sell jewelry online from home here are a few extra tips on how to make more money and attract more buyers!

Do you enjoy accessorizing with a beautiful jewelry? Is this an area where you simply thrive? Do you think you have a talent for creating amazing jewelry and you love making amazing things with your own two hands? If yes, then selling jewelry online from home might be a great way to bring some extra money to the table. If you have decided to sell jewelry online and you want to turn your love for jewelry into a profit, here are a few extra tips on how to make more money and attract more buyers:

1. Create, design, and sell your own jewelry:

If you think you are skillful and you enjoy making jewelry, you can start your own brand based around the products. We would like to recommend you one website – Etsy. Etsy is a very popular marketplace and perfect for selling and buying jewelry online. Before Etsy, getting your jewelry to the customers was pretty challenging and usually involved setting up displays ar vendor shows and craft fairs. Now that you have websites like Etsy at your disposal, you can set up your own store from the comfort of your home. Before you do that, you need to decide what makes your store and your products unique, know what your profit margin is, decide where to sell your jewelry, make and design your own jewelry, take beautiful and high-quality photos, put time into your product descriptions, start marketing, collect testimonials and reviews.

2. Join a sales jewelry company:

Creating and designing your own pieces of jewelry isn’t a requirement for selling online. For example, there are so many jewelry companies you can join and if you love direct sales as a work-at-home option this is the perfect opportunity for you. If you enjoy working with people and selling, take advantage of this possibility. There are so many great jewelry companies you can join, so we advise you to take a look at the inventory before choosing a certain company. Some of the best we would like to recommend are Paparazzi, Stella & Dot, Origami Owl, Trades of Hope, and etc. It is important to read all the rules, check what’s included in the starter kit and understand the compensation strategy for any company you consider. This way, you will have a clear picture of what to expect. The secret to success with direct sales is to find an item you love to share. Once you have your jewelry ready to be sold, you can create your own jewelry online store, and get in contact with your customers, to do so, click on Shopify.com/sell/jewelry

3. Become an affiliate marketer for popular companies:

If you already are accessible online you can add extra income by selling jewelry as an affiliate marketer. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to sign up as an affiliate for the companies or brands you are interested in. After that, you can start telling other people about them through blog posts or social media platforms. If someone clicks on the link and purchase something, you will receive a commission. There are some companies that offer an extra bonus if someone you refer also becomes an affiliate marketer. When it comes to the terms and conditions, you should know that they may vary from one company to another so make sure you read all the important information and details. For example, discover what percentage of commission you will receive or how long the cookies last.

These are great ways to make extra money when selling jewelry online from the comfort of your home. Follow your passion, use your skills, and make some money!