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A Few Simple Ways to Sell Tickets Online

In the past, people didn’t have many options when they wanted to buy tickets for special events. They usually had to go to the local ticket booth and buy tickets. But, in the last two decades, things have changed dramatically. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to buy tickets online. Of course, this also means that you can sell tickets online too. If you want to get involved in a business venture like this, you should know that there a few websites and mobile apps that can help you. We will reveal some of these options in this blog post.


Ticketmaster is one of the most used ticket selling and buying services in the world. In order to sell tickets on Ticketmaster, you have to choose a price. Don’t forget that every transaction is charged by the website. In other words, there’s a small fee that you have to pay every time someone buys a ticket from you via Ticketmaster. The tickets are delivered in a digital form and you will get the money on your credit card. Remember that users can compare the price and position of tickets of other sellers.


This is another example of a successful platform for selling and buying tickets over the Internet. Sellers are freer to list their event tickets without any fees. However, there’s a 15% fee on every sold ticket. There are no special discounts or systems. So, if you want to make more money, you have to sell more tickets. The best thing about StubHub is that it has thousands of daily visitors. This is probably the reason why their fees are so high. But, if you find these fees unacceptable, you can use some other platform.

Eventbrite Organizer

In case you want to sell tickets online for your event, then you can count on Eventbrite Organizer. This mobile application for iOS users allows you to accept credit card payments and cash payments for any event you are throwing. This is an excellent way to analyze and stay informed about on-site sales. There is a service involved though and it will cost you one dollar per ticket. In addition, there is a processing fee of 3% of the total value of every transaction. The only time when you won’t pay any fee is when you are accepting cash payments.

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