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Use the Internet to sell tickets for money

So you have a few tickets that you want to sell and the event date is getting closer. You can always ask some of your friends or colleagues whether they would like to buy these tickets, but what happens if you can’t sell these tickets? The answer is simple – there are a few websites that can help you. In this article, we will analyze the most popular online platforms where you can buy and sell tickets.


If you want to sell tickets for money, then you should take StubHub into consideration. This platform allows users to list their tickets for free. But, they have very high fees for selling tickets. It doesn’t matter how high or low the price is, you will be charged 15% of the price. We must point out that this is one of the highest fees we’ve encountered on websites of this kind. Yet, the greatest advantage is that your listing will be seen by thousands of people in a matter of hours.


TickPick is not among the largest marketplaces for tickets, but it’s a platform that deserves your attention because it has a few interesting features. For starters, this website comes with a user-friendly interface. Next, there is a very low commission – 10% per transaction. On top of that, TickPick has professional customer support in case anything goes wrong.


Next, on the list, we have VividSeats. This is another example of a very popular ticket reselling website with thousands of visitors. There are almost 50,000 brand name searches on popular search engines. They don’t have fixed fees, but you can expect fees between 15% and 24% in total. Placing a listing on this website is a simple procedure and even if you have never done something like this before in your life, you can still finish it without any hassles. If you get stuck, there’s support that you can use at any time.


TicketExchange is a platform owned by TicketMaster. The reseller fees are 15% for the buyer and up to 15% for the seller. What makes TicketExchange unique is that this website is focused only on specific sporting events. You will find tickets for specific teams and leagues like the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL. This platform has developed a professional relationship with these sports leagues which provides extra security for the buyers.

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